Get What You Came For

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September 26, 2008

It is an ancient battle – you want to save money when renting a vehicle and the car rental company wants to make money when renting a vehicle to you. There are quite a few ways that car rental companies make money, and one of them is suckering you into paying for things you do not really need to pay for. So next time you find yourself renting a vehicle for a vacation with family or friends, or for a business trip, keep the following tip in mind so you are not stuck with a bill that is much bigger than you intended: get what you came for.

Due to the car rental company’s supply and demand rate structure, you always want to make your car reservation in advance to lock in the rate you will pay, because rates can fluctuate wildly from hour to hour, let alone day to day, particularly in high traffic cities. Also due to that supply and demand structure, the agency location at your destination of choice may run out of the type of vehicle you have reserved in advance before you arrive to pick it up.

But do not worry – when you book a reservation, you are actually reserving a RATE, not a car itself, and the rates are usually based on the company’s vehicle class structure. You are usually not reserving a specific vehicle, only a car in a certain class, such as economy or luxury. Economy class vehicles are usually the first ones to run out, because they are the least expensive. But since you were savvy and have made a prior reservation, if there is no economy car on the lot for you, the agent at the desk will upgrade you to a more expensive class car for no additional charge.

Before they tell you that, though, the agent may try to talk you into paying for an upgrade yourself. This is a scam, so do not do it. Remember: if you made a reservation in advance, you reserved a rate, NOT a specific car. Say no, and insist on the vehicle you booked. If they do not have it available, then they will give you a vehicle in a more expensive class at no additional charge, even if the only thing left on the lot is a Mercedes and the usual economy car you paid for is a Corolla.

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